Test All Things; Hold Fast What is Good.

At Ivy Tech, I am in an English class that specifically focuses on argument and persuasion. The first major argument paper I am writing is on the topic “Is the Bible outdated?” As a christian, obviously I believe it is still relevant. I mean, how can a book that teaches us how to avoid our ultimate death because of our sins and mistakes be outdated? But sadly, there are many people in this world that believe otherwise. Most of my research on this topic hasn’t been how to defend what the Bible says (for one reason it doesn’t need to much defending. God has done a good job of that. It just needs teaching), but most of my research has been over why people don’t believe in the Bible or why people neglect most of it’s teaching. I have noticed two reasons for this. One, people misunderstand what the Bible says. Secondly, people have been caught up in worldly affairs and lost their morals and conscience.

It is not wrong to test your belief. God told us to (1Th 5:21). Paul also related that God’s Message is true and good. That’s why he told the Thessalonians to test everything and keep what is good. We need to help those people who doubt see what is good!

Many people who look to find fault in the Bible don’t look at the context or the true meaning of the message. Instead they look for anything that looks contradictory. Many evolutionist claim there are hundreds of mistakes and contradictions in the Bible. When you look at the verses, at first glance they really do seem to contradict. However, after further research, it can be easily determined that either the mistake is from man or the contradiction is just a misunderstanding of the scriptures. People will throw tons of these supposed mistakes at us when we claim to believe in the Bible. Don’t get discouraged. Do a little studying and you will grow in your faith even more after it’s over. People also think it is outdated cause they don’t understand the different laws God has given to different people. Some people believe that the Bible is outdated cause they will start reading in Genesis and see that God wants animal sacrifices, then they will read the Law of Moses and think they are supposed to follow all the other laws in it. Sadly, they don’t understand we live under a new law because the old law was done away with. We need to teach these people what God expects of them now, and they will see the Bible’s message is not outdated, but relevant for us.

Evolution, and the theory of an old earth is taught in every school. Kids also are taught that it’s ok to try it before you put a ring on it. Also, that God wants me to be happy, if I love him or her, no matter what the gender, I’m still ok. Morals are being thrown out the window in this country. People are trying to destroy what the Bible has taught. And if people still like the feeling of believing they are saved, they will compromise what the Bible says to fit there lifestyle. Why do you think so many churches are in this country today. People decided they didn’t like what the Bible really says, so I’ll just change it and start a new one. The church has been struggling with this for 2000 years.

Gal 1:6-7
I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ.

Like I said in the beginning. The Bible does not need defending. God has taken care of it for the last 2000 years. What we need to do is educated those who doubt it. That’s why God commanded us to teach (Mark 16:15-16). Not everyone is going to believe. People didn’t believe it when God’s people performed miracles, when Jesus was here, and they still don’t believe it now. Nothing new! We just can’t be swayed by their disbelief, but try to teach those who are confused.