Concept Image

Here is the last image I designed in my class at Ivy Tech. The project was to highlight a concept or futuristic element. I chose the car and the airplane and placed the two elements into an African safari. I also added the bald eagle, jaguar, and gecko to be a contrast between the jaguar and car/ bird and plane. I just put the gecko in there because I wanted to… there’s really no reason for it. I also added the tree and the moon behind the eagle. The desert background image was also very bright and pale, so I saturated the image in some areas to add depth and color to it. What do yall think?


Kaio Magazine Inside Cover

Well, this is an image I made several months ago for a friend of mine that is an editor of a Christian teen magazine. He works with a non profit company called Focus Press ( He is the editor of a magazine for teenagers called Kaio. I was asked to make this image for the first page one of the issues of the magazine. What are your thoughts. Check out the website if you are interested in the magazine or other christian subscriptions. It’s a well put together magazine with sound christian teachings! Also tell me what you think of the design. The background image is one that i took at a place near Garden of the Gods (which is somewhere in Illinois i think). 

Scan Project (Ivy Tech)

Well guys, this is my first post for the “express” side of things. I can’t say it’s my best work. I didn’t have much to work with and I sorta felt put on the spot to complete the assignment during the class period. The assignment was to make a collage or image out of items that were scanned beforehand. So while at home the week before the project (actually the night before… just don’t tell my teacher) I scanned my t-shirt I got during the ICBA sweet 16 tournament in Indianapolis, my Space Jam pillow case, and then there’s a record that was scanned by someone else that I used for the image. I also used an image of a dessert floor for the background. Tell me what you think, what I could have done better, etc… Hopefully better work will be posted soon. But at least this is a start!

Scan Project

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