First off you might wanna know why in the world I called this blog Communicate and Express. The blog began as an assignment in an art class at Ivy Tech Community College (you’ll read more about this if you can continue to bear through this). The blog was fundamentally designed to post my art work from the class on it. I also plan to add Bible lessons or other stuff that just might be on my mind.  This blog has (or will soon have) many post that consist of my work during my class at Ivy Tech called Fundamentals of Imaging. I’m sure more work will be added after this class is over as well. I also plan to include lessons from the Jr. High Bible Class that I currently teach at church, as well as other Bible lessons that I have created both past and future. Thus I designed this blog to “communicate” lessons and my thoughts to you and to “express” myself through the images. Hopefully you can find some benefit to following me!

If you are wanting to know a little bit about myself, well here you go: For starters I’m a Christian. I currently attend the Washington Ave. Church of Christ in Evansville, In. Hopefully by reading my post you will notice that I’m avid about doing what God has commanded for us to do in the Bible. There’s nothing more important to me than obeying Him. I also enjoy sports, music, and all that other fancy stuff that you’ll notice on here if you decide to dig any further. If you have any thoughts about this blog or ideas to make it better, send me a message or comment on here. I’d love to hear your feedback.


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